The Global Alliance of Authors and Performers Organizations.

GAAPO is an independent non-profit organization established to advocate for and safeguard the common interests of creators worldwide.

Founded by seven countries: Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

GAAPO further consolidate and coordinate our member organizations to enhance the protection of copyright and related rights and interests of the rights holders globally at the national and international levels.

KazAK has become a full member of GAAPO — The Global Alliance of Authors and Performers Organizations since 9 of September 2023.

President of GAAPO Oleg Gutyum General Director of the Moldavian Authors’ Society «Copyright»

The Chair of the Board of the GAAPO is the General Director of the KazAK Yessendikova Ainura.

General Secretary — Giga Kobaladze Chairman of the Georgian Authors Society «GCA»