Mainstreaming of authors

For registration of an author the following documents are necessary:

  1. An agreement between author and KazAK on management of property rights of an author on the collective basis.
  2. A registration form, filled and signed by an author.
  3. Papers, confirming an authorship in works, being registered, i.e. sheet, text, audio record, mini disk or СD.

A personal file is created to each author, which contains the following papers:

  1. A folder with indication of the first name, middle and surname of an author, character of his/her creative activities (dramaturgy, composer, interpreter and etc.), and his/her membership in the Creative Unions of composers, writers, artists.
  2. A registration form of an author.
  3. Documents, confirming an authorship in works, being registered, as well as in works, registered after signing of the Registration form.
  4. Co-authorship agreements, if there are any.
  5. Correspondence with an author and different organizations on all issues, relevant to registration and payment of royalties for public performance of works of an author in question. Personal cases of an author are the documents of the permanent maintenance during the author’s life and within the duration of the copyrights of heirs.

The Department for collection and distribution of royalties of KazAK maintains records on authors newly registered, withdrawn from registration, transmitted for registration in other Societies or Agencies, as well as authors, entered in membership of another Societies or Agencies, also on dead authors; data on such records are send to RAO in the settled order for adoption and clarification of the United List of Authors (ULA).

In 2009, the quantity of authors signed bilateral agreements with KazAK on management of their property rights on collective basis reached – 1450 authors. Currently, 38000 works of the KazAK’s members are registered.

A number of young authors, non-members of KazAK, and some of their works are also registered in the Society. KazAK always carries out a work on investigation through publication of notifications in the Newspapers and our web-site (file: «Разыскиваем»). Thankful to this publications from 2003 to 2009, 443 authors were accepted to membership of KazAK.

Also our database contains 40 000 authors’ list of CIS and over 335000 their works.

The Department for collection and distribution of royalties possesses the International databases on authors (IPI) and works (WWL), which are being monthly modified. Data on Kazakh authors and their works are also contributed under separate code numbers.

IPI contains about 3 millions authors worldwide.

WWL — 15 millions works of the authors.

Membership in KazAK

The Authors’ Society is established and acts on the Principe of voluntary and individual membership.

The following individuals can became the KazAK’s members:

  • Authors and their heirs, rightholders, expressed their wish to grant the Society a function on management of their property rights on the collective basis.
  • An author or a rightholder is accepted to the Society’s membership by way of signing a bilateral agreement with the Society (the sample of the bilateral agreement is enclosed).
  • The legal advise for the KazAK’s members is held for free.
  • By requirement of a member of KazAK, a Certificate of membership in KazAK can be issued.
  • You can be introduced with a list of members of KazAK in the Section in Kazakh language.