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Almaty, Aymanova 140

The actual address of RPA "KazAK"

Type of activity ROO "KazAK"

KazAK is, by the nature of its activities, an organization for managing the property rights of authors on a collective basis, and by its organizational and legal form it is a republican public association.

The Society operates on the principles of voluntary and equal membership.

The main function of "KazAK"

The basic function KazAK is the management of property rights of authors – grant on behalf of authors of licenses to use their works, collection, distribution and payment of the collected remunerations. KazAK manages the rights of authors (their legal successors) on a collective basis in cases where their implementation in order individually is difficult (public performance, including on radio and TV, playing works by mechanical and magnetic recording, etc.), promoting the authors (their legal successors) in the transfer of rights for use of works of literature and arts on an individual basis

Legal activity "KazAK"

As well KazAK, both under applications of authors or its own initiative, is engaged in protection of the rights of authors by submitting of claims about collecting indemnifications for infringement of copyrights. One more subject of activities of KazAK is the protection of property rights of domestic authors both in the territory of Kazakhstan and abroad, as well as the protection of copyrights of foreign authors – in the territory of our country KazAK – is a member of CISAC, which unifies 225 Societies from 216 countries worldwide.