Registration of works

Each work of an author, for public performance of which remuneration is allocated, must be recorded in the Department for collection and distribution of royalties of KazAK.

The Department for collection and distribution of royalties of KazAK records only those works which are permitted to perform and actually performed in public.

Works with the grand rights, regardless of whether their authors are members of the creative unions or not, are recorded only when provided by the following documents:


  1. an application of an author for registration.
  2. a reference of a theater on the first staged date.
  3. if a translator is registered, or a dramatization of a copyrighted work, apart from the above mentioned documents, interpreters and performer should provide a written permission from an author of the original work for such translation or dramatization.
  4. works of the small rights are recorded under an application of an author. The degree of the originality of a work (original, translation or adaptation; in case of the last two items, an author of the original work should be mentioned) should be indicated in the application.
  5. adaptations of the copyrighted works are registered only with the written permission of the author of works treated in this process, indicating the percentage of the fees allocated by processor.


Works of the small forms, which belong to the authors-members of the Union of Composers and the Writers’ Union, are recorded without submission of notes and texts of the works, however for non-member authors of the creative unions, a prerequisite is the submission of notes and texts of works.

As indicated in the file «the Mainstreaming of authors», 38000 works of 1450 domestic authors are registered at KazAK.

Also in the database of KazAK, more than 335 thousand works of over 40 thousand authors of the CIS countries are registered.

The CISAC database WWL, which KazAK has in electronically version, contains about 15 million works.