Poet Yestai’s granddaughter is paid royalties

For a long time there were no positive results in finding the heirs of Yestai Berkinbayev,

famous poet and composer, who left prominent literary inheritance. However, in February of the current year, the officers
of KazAK succeeded to find through Kuat Yesimkhanov – Zeken (86 year old granddaughter of Yestai
Berkinbayev). However, taking into account her age (over 80 years) and her health conditions, and the
upcoming expiry of the copyright period, there were some problems in executing her heir-ship. Therefore,
the KazAK’s management made the decision to pay her the accumulated royalties of Yestai Berkinbayev, on
the basis of the written testimony of the prominent persons of the district.

From Ekibastuz (neighbouring Pavlodar oblast) the Otarka Newspaper with good news was received. The woman
did not believe that after passing so many years she would receive the grandfather’s inheritance. She
sincerely thanked KazAK for its efforts.

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