Mechanical Right Day in Istanbul

Marat Baktybayev, Head of KazAK International Relations Department, took part in the Mechanical Right Day conference in Istanbul on 26 September 2014.  BIEM (Bureau International des Sociétés Gérant les Droits d’Enregistrement et de Reproduction Mécanique) together with CISAC organized this conference.  The representatives of more than 30 author societies from Western and Eastern Europe, and CIS countries attended the conference.

The conference focused on fast growth of musical work using via the internet.  In particular, they noted that the share of the traditional sound carriers (CD and DVD) is decreasing, this is particularly true for Western and Eastern Europe, USA and Japan.  The consumers more and more often listen the music via the internet and enjoy the services of the virtual musical libraries.

Therefore, the author societies are facing new problems, in particular – development of the concerted licensing approaches, cooperation on internet licensing, development of the standard licensing agreement meeting the interests of right-holders, authors, users and author societies.

The conference participants discussed all these issues and shared their experience in this area. The conference enjoyed the friendly and warm spirit and its participants to further expand cooperation and share their experience in this area.

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