Collective Management Organisations

he Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan invites you to take part in the panel conference, dedicated to 20th anniversary of coming into the force of the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, re: Protection and remedy of copyright and neighboring rights in the Republic of Kazakhstan: current state, topical issues and perspectives.

 The representative of the international organisations (WIPO, EEC, CISAC, IFRO, SCARP, etc..), respective government bodies,  higher education institutions, public associations, authors, right-holders and business entities are going to take part in the in the panel conference.

Date – 9 -10 June 2016

Venue – Burabai Settlement, Akmola Oblast

We invite you to take part in organising and arranging of the above event and not later than by 5 April submit us the information on your participants апреля (full name, post, contact tel.) at the following e-mails:

Contact tel.: 55 – 87 -39, 74 – 06 – 18, 74 -09 37, 55 – 88 – 16.

  1. Azimova

  Deputy Minister

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