Abyroi should pay to authors!

In Kazakhstan starting from 2010, Abyroi national public union, which is a collective management organization, is operating. After obtaining the accreditation certificate at the Intellectual Property Committee of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During more than one year, it has been collecting the royalties not only for its own members, but also for all the national and foreign authors, though, it has not been authorized for it by the right holders. Up to now, the members of Kazak have not received any royalties. Therefore, Kazak produced the prohibition signed by 300 authors to collect the royalties. There are no any feedbacks from Abyroi. There are also no any feedbacks on numerous requests of KazAK to pay the due royalties to its members. Thus, KazAK was forced to take the action on behalf of its 114 authors against Abyroi with the claim to provide the information on the royalties collected for them. The Special Inter-district Economic Court of Almaty city examined the claim and on 02 February 2012 ruled out to meet the KazAK’s claim. Now, we will take the similar action on behalf of other 1,500 authors of KazAK and authors of 124 countries, whose interests we represent on the basis of reciprocal agreements. The authors should receive the due royalties nobody authorized to misappropriate the royalties.

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