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The governing and executive bodies of KazAK 2014

The supreme body of the society - General Meeting of authors-members of KazAK – makes the decisions on the key issues of KazAK.

The main management body, which addresses the issues outside the competence of the General Meeting, is the Authors’ Council elected by the General Meeting. The Authors’ Council determines an amount of the commission fees, endorses regulations on branches, the budget of the Society, establishes special funds, etc.


  The structure of the Authors’ Council:


Maral Yskakbay – a Chairman of Author"s Council. He is a professional writer, former chairman of the Kazakhstan State Agency for Copyright and Neighboring Rights. Maral Yskakbay has been working in the field of copyright since 1991. He headed a working group on the draft-law «On Copyright and Neighboring Rights» in 1996, which was later adopted as a model law for the CIS countries. In 1996, Maral Yskakbay headed the delegation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the International Diplomatic Conference at which he signed two agreements of the World Intellectual Property Organization / WIPO / - «On Copyright» and «On phonogram and performances», which were ratified by Kazakhstan Parliament on April 16, 2004.





Nurlan Baikosov, Composer, Deputy Chairman of Authors’ Council


Baigali Yessenaliev, Secretary of Authors’ Council, General Director of KazAK, Distinguished Figure of Kazakhstan


Yeskendir Khasangaliev, Composer, People’s Artist of Kazakhstan, Laureate of State Reward


Dulat Isabekov, Author-Playwright, Laureate of Tarlan State Reward


Sultanali Balgabayev , Author-Playwright


Issraijl Saparbayev, Poet-Playwright, Laureate of Tarlan Reward


Ashirbek Sygai, Theater Critic, Translator, Laureate of State Reward and Tarlan Reward


Serik Asylbekov, Poet-Playwright, Doctor of Science


Vladimir Pitertsev, Composer, Laureate of KazAK’s reward


Tursynzhan Shapai, Distinguished Figure of Kazakhstan


Beibit Birimgasin, Composer


Turdykylysh Istayev, Composer


Galym Zhailybai, Poet, Laureate of Alash International Reward


Seken Turysbekov, Composer, Honourable Artist of Kazakhstan


Erkin Zhuasbekov, Playwright, theater critic


Gulnar Daukenova, Laureate of KazAK’s reward, Honourable Artist of Kazakhstan 


Baurzhan Yessebayev, Composer


Alibi Mambetov, Composer


Orynbasar Zhanbyrshiev, Artist,  Distinguished Figure of Kazakhstan


Pavel Li, Composer



  Members of the Inspection Committee:


Khabibula Seitekov, Playwright, Chairman of the Committee


Bakhyt Aldibekov, Poet 


Alibi Abdinurov, Composer



Authors’ Council is held when appropriate, but not less than once in a half year.

The meeting of the Direction convened by the General Director as necessary, but not less than once in three months.

The meeting of the Inspection Committee is held once a year.

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