KazAK boosted its efforts to find authors

In 2013-2014 Kazakhstan Authors’ Society (KazAK) made great efforts to

find authors and their heirs. For example, the following figures confirm it, in 2013, KazAK made agreements with 221 authors, including 123 authors who were in trace. In 2014, KazAK made agreements with 316 authors, including 244 authors who were previously in trace. Please note, that in January 2015 only, 66 authors and their heirs were found, including 60 who were in trace. These include such famous names, which have been in trace for a long time, such as: A. Shamkenov, G. Ormanov, M. Oskenbayev, Z. Ospanov, M. Aubakirov, etc., whose heirs have been searched for years. To improve the control and accuracy of the activities to trace the authors and their heirs, the special register is opened. Thus, in case of missing the deadline to acquire the inheritance, it could be acquired only through the court proceedings, therefore, some heirs believe that it is burdensome and evade or even refuse to arrange the necessary papers. For example, execution of the inheritance of Mukhamedzhan Rustemov took 2 years.

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