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About the Legal Service of KazAK

The Legal Services of KazAK have the following functions:
  1. provide legal support of KazAK: licensing contracts, as well as other contracts necessary to KazAK, draft regulations, instructions.
  2. Study the international conventions, laws and other normative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign countries relating to the activities of KazAK, as well as international experience in the field of authors' rights, and apply them in their activities.
  3. Provide legal assistance to authors and copyright holders in the reconstruction of their copyrights.
  4. Provide legal assistance to affiliates and authorized agents of KazAK.
  5. On behalf of management body of KazAK, answer to letters, statements and proposals of public authorities, citizens and legal entities, users and rights holders.
  6. Organized by direct advocacy, work to conclude licensing agreements, claims, judicially work with all categories of users.
  7. Organize and develop forms and methods of tracking, identifying and fixing violations in all areas of use of the works of authors. Provide the necessary evidence base on identified breaches of copyright in these areas, compose the relevant instruments.
  8. On behalf of the Chairman of KazAK, involve in a court as its representatives.
  9. Provide written and oral consultations on issues related to copyright.
  10. Interface with employees of state authorities in efforts to ensure the rights of authors, participate as representatives of KazAK in tests conducted by these bodies.
  11. Deposit works and release the Certificates on deposit of works.
  12. Performs other functions on behalf of management of KazAK.
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