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History of KazAK
In 1996, the Republic of Kazakhstan enacted the Author’s and Related Rights Law.  Then, in 1997, the group of creative intellectuals, including writers, poets, composers, play-writers, etc., established the national public association – Kazakhstan Authors’ Society (KazAK).  Its Charter was registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 8 September 1997   (State Registration Certificate № 3038-1900-00). In 1997 KazAK had 40 members, in 2006 their number exceeded 1100, in 2008 their number reached 1353, and in 2009 - 1450 authors.  At present, KazAK has more than 2500 members.
In 1997-1998, at the beginning of its operations, KazAK concluded mainly direct bilateral agreements on mutual representation and protection of rights with CIS author’s societies.
In December 1999, KazAK had been internationally recognized, and it became an associated member of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC), and became its full-fledged member on 22 September 2005.  Joining CISAC accelerated the relations with established international author societies. In 2006, KazAK on the basis of direct bilateral agreements on mutual representation represented the interests of authors from 76 states.  In 2010 the cooperation with 90 countries was established. At present, KazAK represents the interests of societies from 138 countries. At the website of the Society, under section ‘International contacts’, the names of the countries and societies are precisely specified.
CISAC is continually providing us the methodological assistance to reach international standards.  The officers of our society visit seminars and conferences organized by CISAC to improve their professional qualifications. We participated in the seminars held in Paris, Tokyo, Budapest, Saint-Petersburg and Istanbul.
In April 2013, CISAC Regional Director - Mitko Chatalbashev – arrived to inspect our society and highly appreciated it.
In 2010, KazAK purchased COSIS programme from the Swiss Author’s Society – SUISA and started to process the documents and to distribute author’s remuneration on the basis of this programme.  It allows to automate our operations and make them transparent.
In 1998 - KazAK collected only about 7 000 000 Tenge of the author’s remuneration, in 2002 – by its 5th anniversary collected 65 mln. Tenge, in 2007 – by its 10th anniversary collected more than 250 000 000 Tenge, in 2008 -   collected 418 000 000 Tenge. As the result of the enactment of the Accreditation Law and arising of the parallel CMOs, in 2009-2011, the collection of royalties decreased (to 347 000 000 Tenge). In 2012, the collection of royalties increased again up to 416 000 000 Tenge.
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